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Grace Vanderwaal
-The Little Engine That Did-

Late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, often describe those singing competition shows like The Voice and American Idol as karaoke singing contests. And while NBC's America's Got Talent is more than a singing competition show, in its eleventh season, it anointed twelve year old singing sensation, Grace Vanderwaal, the grand prize winner. If you have no interest in these types of talent competition, sometimes it is hard to watch people demonstrate an ability that you find questionable and maybe not talent worthy, you are not alone. Having to sit through any of American Idol's singing challenges is often brutal after you listen through a parade of individuals who have deluded themselves into thinking that they can sing just as good as Celine Dion or the late Marvin Gaye. My ears are too sensitive to endure the shattered vocals of someone like a William Hung, one of the more notable bad singers who has graced the stage and yet found stardom in being a lousy singer. Ah, fame, thy mistress is cruel.

But for Grace Vanderwaal, her time was now as the stars were in perfect alignment as she sauntered out on stage, this tiny wisp of a young lady. She introduced herself in polite accord to the panel of judges and she began to sing. And as the camera panned to the faces of each judges, their faces registered a sense of astonishment. Here was this twelve year old girl, playing her ukulele, and belting out some very poignant lyrics to a song she had written. And as the audience members responded positively to her song, it threw her off momentarily. She quickly recovered and finished the song to uproarious applause.

America has just witness a musical prodigy. Judge Howie Mandel was the first to speak and he began to heap praise on this twelve year old phenom. And after about a couple of minutes of talking with her about her talent, he hit this button that automatically moved her forward through the competition. Simon Cowell, judge and creator of the show, commented that he wished he was able to hit the button first that gave Grace the opportunity to move forward. And you can understand the sentiment as she had just demonstrated the power in the lyrics to her first song, I Don't Know Your Name, and this sense of maturity that came within this twelve year old body. Adding to all of this was her vocal range and the haunting sense that you've heard it before from someone much older.

What Grace had demonstrated was pure raw talent on this night. There was no mixing, there was no retake, there was just this purity of an untrained voice, a musician who had just learned how to play the ukulele a year ago, an innocence to the surreal and contentious world that is the music industry.

And as she has enjoyed the accolades from people from within the music industry and enjoyed the popularity from her new fan base and absorbed the social media whirlpool, how will that raw and unfiltered talent be channeled into something more mainstream? With winning comes capitalization of the artist. Time is essential and she has come out with her debut album. It perhaps was easy for her to do as all of the songs she had performed on America's Got Talent were her original compositions.

As I listened to these songs, you hear what the studio performance has done for her voice and her instrumentation. I Don't Know My Name, Beautiful Thing, Clay, Light the Sky and an all together new one, Gossip Girl, is the collection. Each song seems as if they are an anthem of empowerment for little girls, teenage girls and even adult women. So let's go through each one and examine them closely.

I Don't Know My Name was her debut song that started the ball rolling. On America's Got Talent, she sang with an uptempo rhythm in it's rawest of forms. The studio version is a bit slower and the acoustics with her voice has been brought out where you can now hear every word that she says. She does keep the intent of the song intact in the same manner as the first time she performed it however, as the song gets closer to the end, we here a cello come in to give it some more depth and as it continues, a full orchestra sound comes in that builds up to a crescendo which gives it a more fuller sound. The only thing I found not to my liking is the abrupt end with the ukulele chord. It needed to linger just a bit and it seemed like it was cut off too soon.

Beautiful Thing, a song she wrote about her relationship with her sister, is a ballad with a solo piano accompaniment to her voice. It's one of those songs that you could listen to over and over again for a long time and not get easily bored with it. You don;t know if this song was always meant to be accompanied with a piano because she performed it on ukulele. I found this to be a favorite selection.  I predict that this song will be played at a lot of weddings and during a pivotal scene on Grey's Anatomy.

Clay is a powerful song about bullying. In the video below, you are grateful for adding the lyrics because some of the words were hard to understand until you read them. This is a string and piano composition performed effectively and not overpowering as the lyrics drive this piece. More teens should listen to this song and not feel the pressure that they endure from peer pressure and bullying.

Light The Sky reminds me of a song that came out of the folk song era during the 60's. It starts off slow for a few measures then it picks up the tempo mainly performed on the ukulele with a little orchestration and percussion. It's one of those songs where you don't care who is around you while you , as the lyrics say, dance like no one is around. Ah, now I remember who this song reminds me of, Donovan. He is a Scottish singer who blended folk, jazz, pop, psychedelia, and world music into his own unique sound. Grace has embraced the folk side of her talent for a new generation.

Gossip Girl is a song that wasn't performed on America's Got Talent. This song is new to her fans. This song is a definite pop ballad in it's arrangement with background vocals and uptempo beats. It will eventually make its way up the music charts and expand Grace's repertoire of styles.

It will be interesting to see how Grace develops her music and her lyrics as she gets older. Will they be more weighty, more introspective with subtle nuances, more relevant, who knows? What I do know is that she does have a sound, her own unique voice that I have dubbed the VanderWaal Sound.   Some people would say that an old soul inhabits her body.  Maybe, maybe not.  How could a person so young write such powerful lyrics with such an understanding?  I wish you well young Padawan and may the force be with you.

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The Slow and Meticulous Rise of The Black Conservative Movement

If you were like Joe Chandler, the man who went for days not knowing who had won the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton until it was recently revealed to him, you'd probably have a hard time dissecting the numbers and statistics surrounding the 2016 election as well. Between race, age, non-Hispanic whites, income, education, and the other precise categories the polling companies adhere to, there was one section that was at best marginally discussed. In Donald Trumps victory over Hillary Clinton, he won the office by going after the voters from the rust belt states and the rural votes, predominately white middle class constituents. Clinton's votes came from the urban areas and the ever consistent minority voter. But inside that voting sector came a surprise that neither she nor others in the Democratic wing foresaw or for that matter, the mainstream media has failed to acknowledge with any sustenance. It was a significant rise of black voters voting for Trump.
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Let's look closely at that closely. In 2012 when Mitt Romney ran against Barack Obama, he received 6 percent of the black vote. In 2016, Donald Trump received 8 percent of the black vote. Basically, that is a 35% increase in voters that Donald Trump received. On the surface, it may seem insignificant to the average pollster but imagine if the candidate wasn't someone who was divisive as Donald Trump who was running for the highest office in the land. In that 8 percent, did they see Trump as the candidate, despite all of his bluster, as the genuine article? Did they look past the controversial statements, the grabbing her by the pussy remarks, and saw him as this businessman who moves forward despite the bankruptcies and failed business dealings and still wind up on top? For whatever reason, he struck a cord with this core group, this growing silent minority.

But what about the Democrats, shouldn't they be taking notice as well? Let's take a look back in history to see where and how this ll began. It started with Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves in 1862. The freeing of slaves open up the passage into the political arena and many freed black men immediately associated themselves with the Republican party thanks to Lincoln. 
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 The Southern Democrats at the time, opposed any rights to blacks of any kind. It was only until Franklin D. Roosevelt's term in office did things start to evolve when FDR entered into the New Deal era which saw some economic prosperity for blacks even though discrimination was still in full force. 77 percent of the black vote went to the Democratic party while only 44 percent described themselves as members of the Democratic Party. Those numbers would increase when Harry Truman came into office and ended desegregation in the military and the end to racial discrimination to federal employment.
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John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson brought the black vote home for the Democratic party with the passage of the Civil Rights Act. This piece of legislation brought broad sweeping change to not just black Americans but to every citizen in the United States. The Democrats had the black vote locked in and could count on it for many years to come in hopes of garnering the necessary votes to carry a candidate or to sway a piece of legislation. But history is a lesson we usually forget and of late, memories have become short termed. The George W. Bush Administration is about as far back some would rather go. The Clintons would like that.

When Obama won in 2012, he had 93 percent of the black vote compared to Clinton who had only 88 percent. Some of the details to that were that she failed to energize enough black voters, there was apathy on their part, the issue of her being trustworthy still was in play, given these and perhaps a few more points to debate, the black vote was easily up for grabs and the election was not as solid as Clinton had imagined. All the polls showed her ahead but these polls were skewed.

They were skewed because the people who were responding to them weren't being truthful or honest. Supporters of Trump were being targeted just for merely backing him. And there has been a silent dissatisfaction with the way things have been going under the Obama Administration. The Affordable Care Act wasn't what it was promised. Premiums are going up and even those who were attempting to qualify for the program saw the cost of their premiums and couldn't afford to pay it. Over the course of Democratic promises for the minority community, the community has received lip service. Ever since the so called war on poverty touted during the Johnson Administration, the historically disenfranchised community remains the historically disenfranchised community. Unemployment for blacks still remains high, double the rate next to their white counterpart. The gap for education has gotten wider between blacks and whites with blacks being the ones at the disadvantage. Even with have a black president did the status quo remain the same. And let's not talk about crime and punishment and race relations are tenuous at best.

If there is a silent rise to the black conservative movement, why aren't we hearing more from them. Well, there is no face to put on it. Unlike the Democrats where you could toss a rock and hit one in a Hollywood gathering where it would ricochet off Whoopi Goldberg's head and hit twenty more, the same couldn't be said about a celebrity black conservative. Michael Steele is not the face or Image result for black conservativesBen Carson. It would be somebody who could withstand the verbal beat down Whoopi Goldberg would elicit on her talk show where she shouts down any semblance of a rationale discussion.  Anything or anyone that is diametrically opposite to Whoopi Goldberg's panel of Democratic values, they are treated like scourges and reprobates unworthy of being in the presence of the general populous.

If I was representative of the black male vote, my choices were Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump and I didn't care for either choice. I am neither Republican or Democrat. At one point, I could have been described as being a Democrat but as each presidential prospect emerged, I found my views were more and more conservative. As I told a colleague of mine, “If I had to choose, I'd rather vote for Donald than her.” Apparently that's what a lot of people did and a lot of black votes didn't show up for her as well. Hillary Clinton had been in politics for way too long and hadn't realized that her stint with the American people had reached it's expiration point. 
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 She can blame FBI Director James Comy for her loss if she wants but there are a myriad of issues that she needs to confront and the first is to look in the mirror and find the cause. If she wanted to make this about gender politics, 54 percent of white women voted for Trump. It wasn't about that. The country is ready and has been ready for a woman to be president but not Clinton. I believe one of the labels that she put on herself was that she was a grandmother. Trump is a grandfather but he never made such a public declaration. Grandma is running for president, vote the geriatric ticket. It now becomes a generational issue just by the branding. Bernie Sanders had the youth vote and he's 75 years old. I wouldn't necessarily call it sexist when she referred to herself as that, more like a self inflicted wound. And you have to acknowledge that she's been a part of the American psyche since 1992 when Bill Clinton first ran for president. We're not counting the time he was governor of Arkansas.

Unlike the black Democrats who have squandered their votes on empty promises time in and time out because the Democratic National Committee has conferred a presumptive nominee on them and that candidate has issued a grocery list of promises that has failed to garner any traction, black conservative will be more measured with Trump because they see him as business like and he will attempt to run certain aspects of the government like a business. How much he will succeed is the $64,000 question.

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Film Review of the Movie Loving

I want you to imagine for a few seconds that you had lived in the United States in the year of 1958. You just committed a crime in the State of Virginia. You have been sentenced to 25 years of banishment from the state or face two years in orison. What is your crime? It wasn't for smuggling illegal contraband, it wasn't for running a con against the elderly and it wasn't for any type of animal abuse. Your crime was for the heinous act of being in an interracial marriage. Thus begins the true story of the movie Loving that chronicled the lives of Richard (white American) and Mildred Loving (black and Native American).

Richard Loving, portrayed by Joel Edgerton, and Mildred Loving, portrayed by Ruth Negga, were just two everyday ordinary people who were thrust into becoming the pioneers of ending anti-miscegenation laws in the United States after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional on June 12, 1967. You would have to look at that year again to fully understand the impact that ruling had on millions of interracial couples in the U/S/ The portrayals from Negga and Edgerton reflected the time in which they lived and experienced. Edgerton's role as Richard Loving had to be a little submissive because he perhaps knew that by marrying a black woman, he couldn't be demonstrative in a county that had clear racial divisions. Negga as Mildred Loving also played the role as a more submissive person and again in the times and geography in which they lived. It's a helluva thing to live life in a Virginia county where the police can merely walk through your front door and bust down your bedroom door and charge you with a crime of being in bed with your wife.

As you watched this film, you see that it was Mildred Loving who initiated the cause during the impetus of the Civil Rights marches conducted by Dr. Martin Luther King. She saw his efforts of bringing together thousands with the march on Washington. Taking her cue from that, she wrote a letter to the then U.S. Attorney General, Robert Kennedy. That letter subsequently landed at the desk of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) attorney Benjamin Cohen played effectively by Nick Kroll.

In an era where every actress wants to play the “strong woman” or “strong black woman” role, a factor that has become nauseatingly tiresome and overworked and overused, Negga plays a real life woman who's strength is internal and subdued. I don't know if some female actors will have a problem with the Mildred Loving role? She doesn't reflect the strong woman role that many expect these days. You will not find her yelling or screaming against this antiquated law. You will not find her screaming or berating her husband. It is important that Negga not take any liberties with her portrayal because that is the beauty of this role.

Edgerton too must refrain from doing the same as Richard Loving shares the same dynamic as his wife. Richard Loving was a brick mason. He went to work and came home. He didn't seek any fame or notoriety unlike many today who find the need to be famous through social media.

As a filmmaker, this is the film I had wanted to do. I had seen some archival footage pf the Lovings and found the subject matter extremely interesting. A quick Google search showed me that a film, this film, was currently being filmed. Now that it has arrived, you have empathy for them. They have no understanding of the law and how long a case takes to go through the system. You have empathy for their children as they are considered bastard for being mixed race.

Loving v. Sate of Virginia became THE test case the made same sex marriages the law of the land. I don't think the gay community knows this as they owe the Lovings respect and thanks for being the reluctant pioneers for marriage equally. This is a film worthy of placing on your list to see over the holiday weekend not only for the beauty of it but for also the history lessons we tend to miss that history books often fail to record when it comes to race.  At the end of this film they tell you what happened to them following their victory ruling with the Supreme Court.  Richard Loving was killed by a drunk driver seven years after the victory.  Mildred died in 2008, never remarrying but still in love with her husband.  Grade A +.

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Dave Chappelle Hits the Re-Start Button and We Are Pleased

Mark the date, November 11, 2016.  This was the day that Dave Chappelle reintroduced himself back to the world with 6.2 million people watching. As the host of Saturday Night Live, he reminded the viewing public what pure comedy was all about. It has been eleven years since Dave left the airwaves. He alluded to the fact that his return was a “comeback” but I don't see it that way. I see it more as a pause in play. I do not know if you could call what we witness that night as television history because what we saw was a reflection of something we hadn't seen in years and it's as if Dave has emerged from a chrysalis and morphed into this worldly comedian that speaks the truth. The public hadn't seen this type of comic that could hit on social issues since the heady days of Richard Pryor and George Carlin. In his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live, you watched as he slowly unfolded the controversy of the Donald Trump victory and addressed the conflict with the protesters to the Trump win.

He laid out his take that made you laugh but made you think about how foolish it was for the actions of the protesters given that this was a free election and right or wrong, Trump won. It wasn't angry humor or beating you up humor or Amy Schumer humor, is was more than that. Chappelle made those who were watching to hold a mirror up and look at what we have become. Sure, the historically disenfranchised still have a long way to go but as Dave said, he would give Donald Trump the chance to govern. Time will only tell if he has become the voice of the unrepresented but he did give a voice to what has been missing for eleven years.

We've had other comics who've entered the picture since he left but their humor left me humorless. I've sat through countless hours of comedy shows and my laugh meter ran low of many of these alleged celebrity comedians. You can't attack your own audience and force them to leave just because you don't agree with their politics. You can't shame an audience member when you bring him on stage and chastise him for his political choice. Your job is to entertain with humor and when you stray from that obligation, you've lost your audience and your appeal.

Dave Chappelle chose to walk away from a lucrative contract because the powers that be had an agenda to conduct. Dave would not be a party and contribute to those who would take his humor and manipulate it for their own means to an end.

On that glorious night, Dave became this old/new social media comedian. He didn't have the tools at his disposal eleven years ago but now the tools are literally at his fingertips. Seeing him perform all of those old characters became relevant again. We still have a crack/heroin problem. We still have racism that's more blatant than ever. We still have sexism. We still are violent and extreme with it. We still are at war with an enemy bent on destroying our way of life. We still are at war with each other. Maybe, just maybe Dave Chappelle can bring a spotlight to one of these issues and through his brand of humor, we can bring about a change? Richard Pryor and George Carlin are looking down and saying, “Well how about that, we've got our voice back.”

Friday, October 14, 2016

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What We Need is A Good Write-In Candidate

America is bordering on the brink of political angst. This is by far the most contentious political race for president in history because of the advent of social media. Can you imagine what it would have been like if social media was around during the time of Thomas Jefferson or Warren G. Harding? President Harding, is it true that you have a child out of wedlock? President Jefferson, it is reported that you are having sex with one of your slaves, a Sally Hemings, and that you are the father of one or more of her children, how do you respond to the allegations? In the immortal words of Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan, “for the times they are a changing”. Never in the annals of recorded history have there ever been a presidential race like this 2016 season. We have two candidates, one from the Democratic party and one from the Republican party and neither are likable enough, endearing enough, marketable enough and trustworthy enough in the minds of many voters. The term of “holding ones breath and pulling the lever” has been bandied about in several quarters of the country. This is not the way to feel about a presidential candidate. This is what I like to refer to as “regretful voting”. You vote for a candidate because there are no other choices and the choices that you do have just doesn't fit into your ideology so you settle for the lesser of the two. But what can a person do? Well, there is another choice that hasn't been exercised in a while. I know that the political machine has been entrenched for a long time and that any deviation from that is met with a full on assault, just ask Bernie Sanders. Here was a candidate who had the odds stacked against him by his own party. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) had made up its mind to anoint Hillary Clinton even before all the votes were tallied based on leaked emails from their offices and their opposition towards Bernie Sanders.

So how do you, the regular citizen, take back your rights to choose a candidate when the pickings are slim to none? There is a way and that is the write-in candidate way. It's legal and its been successfully done by a least two candidates, South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond and Ohio Senator Charlie Wilson. Thurmond was a write-in candidate in 1954 who went up against Democratic State Senator Edgar Brown following the death of Senator Burnet Maybank in 1954. Wilson had a successful write-in campaign back in 2006 where he campaign against two for the Congressional seat in the primaries. He won with 66 percent of the votes. He went on to with the Congressional seat in the general election with 61 percent of the vote. So why can't this be done in the presidential election? Maybe because this is a lost art form or maybe because we haven't looked closely at other alternatives. I present you with a list of candidates who are better suited for the office:

Image result for michelle obamaMichelle Obama. If you want to elect a woman as president, why not Michelle Obama? She doesn't carry any of the baggage that Hillary Clinton have and she is way more trustworthy than Clinton. Hillary Clinton has that Mob Boss air about her. She's been around for decades, won't go away, has her hands in everything and when trouble comes her way, she's like Teflon, nothing sticks but others around her seem to fall. With Michelle, there would be no need to make a move, they could just stay there for the next four years saving the taxpayers millions in moving fees, security, etc. She has proven that she can get things done and both sides in the Senate and The House could easily get along with her rather than what Hillary could face from a contentious divided party.

Image result for joe bidenJoe Biden. Joe Biden should have ran for the office earlier but he was dealing still with the loss of his son, Bo Biden, to cancer. Time doesn't lessen the pain of burying your child because everyone can relate to that. He is an excellent choice even though he has been known to be a little handsy on occasion but after the whole Donald Trump Grope-Gate controversy, I'm quite sure he'll be keeping his hands to himself in the future. He knows the leaders of foreign nations and he has support from both the Senate and The House.

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Rick Caruso. Rick Caruso is a self-made billionaire. He began his path to wealth in 1990 managing real estate. An educated lawyer by profession, he did serve as commissioner for the Los Angeles Water and Power at the age of 26, the youngest to do so at that time in 1985. In 2001, he was appointed and elected president to the Los Angles Police Commission. While in that role, from 2002 to 2006, crime rates drop 37 percent. He has dome a commendable job while in the the duties as a public servant. He's 57, married to his original wife and has four children. He doesn't fly off in tirades, uses social media to go after people, doesn't have juvenile behavior, and doesn't kine the color orange.

Image result for john kasichJohn Kasich. John Kasich is the governor of Ohio. Of all the Republican candidates running for office, Kasich was overshadowed by the bombastic legions of buffoons that surrounded him. He was the substance over all of that empty fluff. If the old adage that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, his wheel was already oiled up but because his demeanor was that of a rational calm person, he ran well below the radar. It's time for America to give him a second look. The country would be a lot saner and less angst ridden if he was running a campaign.

America, this election is starting to wind down. The voters are angry at both candidates. How can you possible elect someone from either party where they will be facing a hostile House and Senate? Nothing will get done. WE need a candidate that not mired in a sex scandal or inappropriate behavior. Donald Trump has an abundant of skeletons in his closet and his closets are HUGE. Hillary Clinton baggage is several foot lockers full, from her and Bill's time in the governor's office, to Whitewater, to billing records showing up mysteriously in White House conference rooms, to Bill's infidelities, to her demeaning the women accusing her husband, to the email scandal, to why the FBI let her off on the email fiasco and why they overstepped their boundaries by making the decision not to go after her when it was the Attorney General's job to do that.

Let's look closely under a 1000 times microscope as to what we are about to elect. The next four years can go by smoothly are go by agonizingly slow. I have made a point to avoid any speeches these two may give during this campaign season. I like my flat screen TV and don't want to throw anything at it in frustration. Thank goodness for the mute button.

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What Donald Trump Said
And the Hypocrisy of America

Oh, a storm is threatening
My very life today
If I don't get some shelter,  Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away
Political War, children, its just a shot away, Its just a shot away

Donald Trump, in some past live, may have been a stoker, the guy who shovels coal into old locomotive trains because with his latest revelation with a conversation he had with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood, he keeps adding fuel to the fire. To be fair, when it was revealed that there was salacious conversation discovered about Donald Trump, I just didn't want to hear about it. And to be honest, I don't want to hear anything about either one of these candidates. America has decided to place the two most unworthy candidates up for being president of the United States. But back to Donald.

When I did hear about what he had said, it was on Saturday Night Live, a small satire show that skewers politicians and other celebrity who find themselves being annoying. And after hearing what Donald Trump said, my reaction was, okay, it was standard guy talk to another guy. It was the kind of talk that if you're a heterosexual guy, you had this type of conversation if your 15 years old to 91 years old. What gets me is the moral outrage because if you're a heterosexual guy between the ages of 15 to 91, you've said this and similar things about women. Ask any man if they've ever said something similar about women be it in the locker rooms, the bar, sports venues, offices, etc. out of earshot from women and they will tell you that they have. It's one of those guy codes that guys have that say we must talk about pussy every chance we get.

When you listen to the conversation, Trump had an audience of one, Billy Bush. Was Billy agreeing with Trump? Was Billy offended by what Trump was saying? Was Billy culpable right along with Trump? And since this was eleven years ago, who leaked the audio to the Washington Post? And while Hillary Clinton must be enjoying this latest Trump bump, she shouldn't gloat too much after all, people who live in glass houses shouldn't be throwing any stones. After all, if they wish to dig up an eleven year old audio on Trump, then the media has the right to rehash Bill Clinton's list of past infidelities that rivals Tiger Woods.

Watching these men who host the morning talk shows or the politicians who are ringing their hands over the latest Donald Trump conversation starter is lie watching them chew on their tongues because none of them are asking the right question, have you ever said similar things at any given time in your adolescence or adult careers? If they say no, they are lying.

At around the same time Trump said about grabbing pussy, I just happen to be sitting around so really old men in their late 80's and early 90's. I kid you not but these old men were sitting around talking about pussy. They were talking about some woman and how old she's gotten. You had to look over at them and wonder if they've seen a mirror? Are we hard wired in assessing a woman worthiness? I've listened to teenage boys discuss girls in such a way that you have to wonder if that generation was suppose to be the more enlighten and sensitive generation but to be fair and maybe skewed, these were football players.

What Donald Trump said was juvenile. But what he said was no different that what many men have said about women before. Some of these men who are complaining should come off that high horse and admit that we have a culture with men about issues with women. It's no different that what is now referred to as fat shaming and slut shaming that's going on. We have gotten so politically correct that no jokes about anything can be said about anything without someone being offended. Let's get real, when you see a fat person your first thought is, hey that's a fat person. It's the human thing to do. And somewhere in the mix is the questions about how much they weigh, are they trying to lose the weight, are there any health problems? Rosie O'Donnell had a heart attack and had to monitor her weight. Donald calling her a pig was wrong but they have an adversarial relationship.

So, before we gather around the town crier and start advocating burning Donald Trump at the stake, go ask your husband, significant other, teenage son if they've ever heard conversations like the one Donald Trump had with Billy Bush. And stop being woefully naive about these situations. You do know that there is porn out there and it's relatively available with just a click away and they are having these same conversation with women talking about grabbing pussy too. Let the hypocrisy bandwagon roll on through, everybody get on board, just keep the mirrors away from your faces.